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San Diego –based filmmaker Mark Allen is readying production on his next feature horror film, MAN ALONE. The documentary – style horror story tells the tale of Jack Callahan, a career TV nature show host at the end of his career. Low on cash and desperate for a comeback, he heads to the deserts of the American Southwest to shoot the pilot for a new series. What he finds out there, human eyes were never meant to see.

“I’m a lifelong fan of horror myself, so naturally I love making horror movies,” says Allen. “I know what I want to see in a horror film – blood, guts, graphic violence, action, suspense, true scares, and gross out stuff like really deep, gashes, festering wounds and oozing pus. And I’m doing that with MAN ALONE.”

“Studio horror fare is ‘safe’,” Allen continues, “because the studios cater to what they consider broad appeal. So their fare tends to be mundane and predictable.” Allen believes true horror is NEVER safe. If it’s safe, it’s not true horror.

Allen is using a novel approach to his funding his edgy indie horror film – by appealing directly to horror fans. He has created a fundraising page on IndieGoGo.

“I want horror fans all over the world to feel like they’re an active part of this project,” he continues. “A sense of participation is a great way to unite the horror community.”

Donations can be made and merchandise claimed at Donations begin at $10, and include merchandise and behind the scenes access. The site can also accept donations in several world currencies other than U.S. dollars through


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